Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grind? Rec? Mad dogs?

I get notes from Yahoo Japan, and they regularly send me a newsletter called "GyaO!" ("ROar!", I suppose, is close enough) with news about what's going on in the supposed entertainment industry.

I decided to see what passes as news. They were talking up the movie, Grindhouse. No, wait. They were talking up REC: Quarantine. I had to go looking and I found Grindhouse, instead. Horror movies.

I have to admit, I should have known better, but I looked up Grindhouse at the IMDB or whatever that is.

A couple of questions cross my mind:

Tarantino, was that really necessary?

Oh, never mind. I know, in your view, it probably was. Anything to keep your stuff selling.

Hmm. Zombies. Hydrophobia. Erm, rabies. Infectious diseases.

Why do people deliberately infect themselves?

Do we really want to preview the conditions at the end of the world? Why?

Being inured is not being inoculated. It's not the same thing at all.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's the answer to my question to myself: "Why diid I go look that up?"

I have things I must do and I don't know how. For some reason, I think that numbing my mind will allow me to escape the dilemma, either allow my mind to find the solution or put my higher reasoning to sleep long enough that I can avoid the decision and pretend that the end result was fated all along.

The horror genre is just like rabies. Infectious. And it causes fear of the very things that the soul needs the most.

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